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When a factory exhaust is replaced with an after market muffler or cat-back system, there’s less restriction in the exhaust. “Less restriction” means the engine exhales a little easier. This improves efficiency, and that means the engine suddenly has a little more power. However, nothing was “added” – the additional power was always there . You just needed a better exhaust system to find it.

There ensued a head-spinning maelstrom of tradespeople to paint, re-carpet, change tapware, complete repairs, clean, spruce, refresh, style, photograph, and generally transform our apartment into a sparkling, updated version of itself. You can just picture the makeover montage with upbeat soundtrack, right?

Written in 1926 (when Yeats was 60 or 61), "Sailing to Byzantium" is Yeats' definitive statement about the agony of old age and the imaginative and spiritual work required to remain a vital individual even when the heart is "fastened to a dying animal" (the body). Yeats's solution is to leave the country of the young and travel to Byzantium, where the sages in the city's famous gold mosaics could become the "singing-masters" of his soul. He hopes the sages will appear in fire and take him away from his body into an existence outside time, where, like a great work of art, he could exist in "the artifice of eternity." In the final stanza of the poem, he declares that once he is out of his body he will never again appear in the form of a natural thing; rather, he will become a golden bird, sitting on a golden tree, singing of the past ("what is past"), the present (that which is "passing"), and the future (that which is "to come").

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